"Prophecy Foretold" is one very exciting book. Mr. Hartman has given us mystery, evil, action, adventure and redemption. And what's more there is more to come. "Prophecy Foretold" is a roaring good story that will keep you highly interested in what is going to happen next.   -VicG

“The Starburst Stranger will cross the Burning Sea and bring the Light to set the people free.”
Hartman is an author who has mastered the art of graphic descriptions. You cannot help but picture what he puts on paper, in vivid detail. This includes some rather graphically violent scenes. However, it was not only the graphic scenes that were well described. Every time that Hartman put his pen to paper you get a masterfully crafted description. As a whole, this novel was quite well written.  -Pure Jonel
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I really enjoyed this novel and all I can say now is that I sincerely hope that Hartman is writing around the clock to get the next novel in this series into the hands of his readers. I for one can't wait for the next volume.  -LAS Reviewer

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